Hubris Comics was a pre-War company which had been producing printed entertainment since 2021.[1] It was a branch of Hubris Publishing, and was headquartered in Washington D.C..[1]


The most notable product of the company is its Grognak the Barbarian series. Several terminal entries in the company headquarters detail its various other comic book series, as well as future projects; one of them even involving Vault Boy.

The company was, due to heavy sponsorship of the pre-War U.S. military, considered heavily patriotic, illustrated particularly by their publishing of the Tales from the Front series.

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The Hubris Comics building and the company's Grognak the Barbarian comics appear in Fallout 3. Another division of Hubris Comics shows up in Fallout 4.

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  • The word 'hubris', from the Ancient Greek (ὕβρις), refers to an individual's pride in their own abilities. In the Greek mythology, the hubris indicated a "sin" of pride in people who arrived at comparing themselves to gods.
  • Historically, U.S comics had been used as a form of propaganda during World War II and later as "red scare" during the Cold War. Famous comic book companies like Atlas/Marvel and DC comics had produced ones with anti-communist messages up until the 1980s.


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